February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

Miho, our friend from Japan has arrived at our house on the coat-tails of Daniel, who stayed with us for a week after ChattaCon. As we expected, Mattew is attached to her at the hip. Whenever he has to go anywhere he asks "Where's my Miho?" And at bedtime, he grabs her by the hand and says "No, Miho sleep with Matthew," as he leads her to his room. Eeeeeyah. We had to have a brief chat with him about that. The word "Cooties" may have been used.

The girls took off with the kid to Savannah first, to pick up Maddy, and then off to Disney's Hilton Head Resort for a night. (Maddy was just hired as a College program recruiter for Disney, so they got the employee discount. Additionally, Miho works for Tokyo Disneyland, and had never been to a non-park Disney resort.)

That left me with three days as a bachelor. No kid, no wife, no worries! I could just sit around all day, unshaven, unshowered, sitting on a beanbag chair in my underwear eating Cheetos and scratching myself if I wanted. But since I never did that even in my pre-Melissa days, I didn't have the urge to now. Mostly, I spent the day working on the web sites that I manage and setting up a new merchandise shop for AoME. Parents, isn't it AMAZING the stuff that you get done when there are suddenly NO interruptions? Don't get me wrong, you love the sources of those interruptions, but isn't it nice to have a big ol' patch of free time to devote to a task and knock it out?

Around 4:30 PM yesterday, I realized that it was Super Bowl Sunday, and I had made no plans to watch it. As a man without the excuse of family obligations, that's a federal offense. I ended up over at Larry's place to watch with his family and parents. Before the pre-game, they were watching "The Count of Monte Cristo". Larry didn't believe me when I told them that they had adapted the story into an an Anime.

The game was pretty exciting, lots of great plays and interceptions, but the Commercials were only average this year. A couple of good ones, namely The Following:
  • "The Magic Fridge" from Bud Light
  • "Caveman" from FedEX
  • "Waves" from Budweiser
  • "MacGyver" from MasterCard
  • "Super Fan" by Budweiser

    And THIS was just a waste of a good couple of Million:
  • "The Whopperettes" from Burger King

    (Thank goodness for YouTube!)

    This morning, I was about to go to work when I felt the patter of tiny snow that was predicted for North Georgia. It started off as dry sleet, then a light flurry, a 5-minute heavy flurry, and then resolved into the cold, miserable rain that we've had for the past three months.

    If I'm doomed to this kind of weather, why can't I at least live in England and have it?

    1. Perhaps you'd prefer our weather. Although it was a balmy 74 today, the perfection was marred by a dark brown sky raining white ash. I wonder if you can snowboard on ash?

    2. Tell Matthew to tell Miho
      "Anata wa SuGOY keyray"
      I promise its not inappropriate.