February 24, 2006

"Obtenez-La Faite!"

Daniel, our friend from Canada, has been staying with us for a few extra days before Taking Off to the Great White North ("Take off... it's a beauty way to go..."). This year, heating his apartment had become so expensive, that he decided to shut the place down, drive to the Southern US of A, and stay on the couches of friends for a couple of months.
We've done our best to be good hosts and introduce him to our fine southern culture, as we do when Miho is with us from Japan. So, last night we grilled up some Quesadillas, which he made "Canadian" by pouring MAPLE SYRUP on them. *shudder* I also introduced him to "The Blue Collar Comedy Tour." (Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White & Larry the Cable Guy.) How would YOU explain the phrase "Git 'Er Done!" to a French Canadian? BabelFish sugggests the title above, but suggestions are welcome.

And if you bring down CANADIAN American Cheese to the States, instead of buying AMERICAN American Cheese... You just might be a Canadian Redneck.

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