February 13, 2006

Now we are Four

My little man turned Four on Saturday. Birthday party at McDonalds was as fun as I remember, at least for the kids. Much better to have them in an enclosed play area instead of playing "Fetch That Kid!" in a bowling alley like last year. It was actually a very nice experience, and the McDonalds had a dedicated employee taking our orders, setting up and cleaning up when they were all done. Not a bad investment.

But Four years old. Wow. Today we're nagging him to get into the bathroom. In only eight years, we'll be knocking on the door asking him to come OUT of it. But seriously, he's made loads of progress since last year. It's true what a wise parent told me though: "Worries about your kids never end. Old worries that are solved are replaced by new ones at an alarming rate."

Last year he wasn't talking much at all. This weekend, he was talking with his friend Phillip about saying "no" to Mommy. We have a picture on our mantle of Miho and Matthew when he was just a baby, him teeting on my PS2 controller. And on Miho's visit this year, Matthew's "cutting his teeth" figuratively on the first game he can really play all by himself, "Star Wars - Super Bombad Racing", basically MarioKart with the SW Episode 1 characters. (This was a gag gift to ME from Justin a few years back, and now it's Matthew's favorite toy.) He isn't a good racer, he mainly likes to run into the robots to make them blow up. That and run his ship off the waterfall. Over and over and OVER again. Whee!

Anyway, It's amazing to see how kids mature over just a year. Now if we can only get the Dept. of Education to return our call about placing him in Pre-K...

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