February 09, 2006

LinkNews Digest [02/10/2006]

"Clean Needles" Rationale Taken Too Far

British Nurses are now suggesting that "Cutters" should be given clean blades and How-To advice.
"My instinct is that it is better to sit with the patient and talk to them while they are self-harming. We should definitely give advice on safer parts of the body to cut. It could get to the stage where we could have a discussion with the patient about how deep the cuts were going to be and how many."
Every year 170,000 people attend hospital accident-and-emergency departments after deliberately harming themselves. A proportion of these do so on a regular basis, sometimes over decades. Many do so to release stress or cope with traumatic events or depression. (LINK )

"Maid in Japan" Cafes for Geeks

I SO want to go to Japan!
TOKYO (Reuters) - "Welcome home, Master," says the maid as she bows deeply, hands clasped in front of a starched pinafore worn over a short pink dress.

This maid serves not some aristocrat but a string of pop-culture-mad customers at a "Maid Cafe" in Tokyo's Akihabara district, long known as a Mecca for electronics buffs but now also the center of the capital's "nerd culture."

Maid cafes dot Akihabara, which has become a second home for Tokyo's "otaku" -- roughly translated as "geeks." They're known for their devotion to comics and computer games and can easily be identified by their standard outfit of track suit, knapsack and spectacles.

At one cafe, maids get down on their knees to stir the cream and sugar into the customer's coffee. At Royal Milk, diners can follow up a meal with a range of grooming services, including ear cleanings. Maids at some of the more attentive shops even offer to spoon-feed customers at their table.

Maid cafes have mushroomed since they first emerged about four years ago, evolving from cafes where waiting staff emulated characters from a popular series of role-playing video games, often dressed in schoolgirl-inspired uniforms. (LINK )

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