February 20, 2006

CD Wrappers Are Now Safe

Alas, poor Pocket Knife, I hardly knew ye. It's a tragedy, but "the little penknife that could" is no more. Yes, the inspiration for my commentary in the AJC last year on the absurdity that Homeland Security takes us to, is no more.

Well, it was only a matter of time. Cats only have nine lives, and likewise there were only so many public places that I could take a sharp metal pointy-thing before it was confiscated for good. It was just it's time, I guess. It has gone on to cutlery heaven, where it can frolic in the fields, be sharp forever and live in peace and harmony with all the toenail clippers, toothpicks and tweezers that have been confiscated at airports.

It was taken at the standard Search-N-Seizure Station at the entrance to the Georgia Aquarium. Yeah, apparently FISH are now the top target of muslim extremists. (Probably because of that whole thing about Christ using that as a symbol.) Even if I were a terrorist, what the heck could I do with a 1" dull blade and a nail file? SLOWLY work my way through the 2-foot thick plexiglass? Perhaps fillet a very small, but expensive tropical fish? I sure as hell wouldn't be able to take anyone hostage with it.

As a replacement, Melissa bought me an all-plastic cutter that's mostly handle, and about 1mm of actual cutting surface. The only metal piece is a magnet, so you can stick it on a fridge. I can only hope that THIS one will make it through security. Because the NTSA has no idea about the pain and embarrasment that my condition, "No- FingerNail-itis", can cause people.

UPDATE: I just discovered that the AJC published another of my articles, unbeknownst to me, last June! I've just added it to the WORDS section of the site. It concerns my rather unconventional methods of pest control. Unlike Justin, mine does not involve a handgun.

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