January 12, 2006

When the Lord Calls Us... Take A Message

Our church had our annual Parish Dinner, where we all get snockered on table wine, gorge ourselves at a buffet and THEN discuss church business. One of the items up for business was the election of three members to the Vestry (a lay or "civilian" council for the church), and I was one of the candidates.

I was perplexed when I was nominated, since I'm probably the second-youngest guy at that church that is old enough to shave. But I figured that it wouldn't hurt, and if I could help out the church during this difficult time (our pastor is retiring tonight and we have to look for a new one), I would do it.

I was up for the position, along with my choir cohort, Lindsey. Neither of us made it, and both of us were relieved. She's a busy mother with four boys at home, and this would have been a stretch for her. She would have been a good Vestry person though, she has no TIME for political B.S. and will tell you EXACTLY what she thinks.

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