January 23, 2006

Sleepy Time Down South

I've just returned from a 3-day convention filled with drinking, late-night parties and running around, and I'm now working from home.

I have a son who is currently napping in his room, a wife who is currently napping in her room, and a French-speaking Canadian napping on the futon. It's been raining all day and I have yet to see the sun.

The Couch... the couch is calling to me. "Come ON... slack off for a bit... you're a good worker. Just rest your eyelids for a few minutes. You can make it up in Flex-Time."

No, I must be strong. I'll only slack a little. Just enough to write about this.

Update: It's even scientifically proven that this is the worst day of 2006. Although, calling it this early is like those movie previews that claim it's "The Biggest Hit of the Year" when it's only 2 weeks into January.

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