January 16, 2006

Peter S. Beagle - Part 2

You know that post about our new absurd saying, "Damn you Peter S. Beagle, It's all your fault" complete with my LiveJournal icons? Well, if you look at the comments, Mr. Beagle himself and his agent apaprently found this post in short order. I removed Mr. Beagle's email address, but we DID verify that it was actually him. He said:
"I don't even KNOW "Arrested Development," and I think it's funny. I think I'm honored..."

This is so weird, it just HAS to be my life.

So here's the explanation we sent him back:

There is a LONG story to this. This all stems from DragonCon when we were standing outside your panel. We were waiting for the next panel to start and someone from our group (Arms of Middle Earth) asked what the hold up was. Another member pointed out that it was your panel that was still going. So naturally our member said "Its all Peter S. Beagle's fault". So occasionally when something goes haywire a member of the group will make this statement. It is all in good natured teasing.

So now comes the creation of the icon. Our group's website was hacked into the other week. After spending a week trying to find the culprits, the member from DragonCon once again decided it would be funny to revive the old saying, and claim it was all your fault.

Some of us are also big fans of the TV show Arrested Development. Gob (pronounced with a soft G), one of the show's characters always comes to conclusions that are so far from the truth that they are funny. So we put two and two together and there you have it. Your name with that character's picture.

Yes, please take it as a compliment. Normally when one of our members says it we cue up music from "The Last Unicorn". Most of us grew up with your stories and continue to enjoy them to this day.

If you do change your mind and dont find this funny anymore then please let us know. We will take it off and Blame Gollum
He is apparently satisfiesd with this, and replied:
Don't fret about it, guys - I certainly didn't. It did make me imagine myself as a melodramatic international villain, which I've always wanted to be, because they get all the best lines. Even without knowing Arrested Development, I really did crack up; it brightened my morning more than I'm ever likely to tell you.

Anyway, as the Scots are always saying, "Dinna fash ye'ersel'." Leave the line where it is, and I'll see you in Atlanta.

Best regards,
Again, so weird that it HAS to be my life.

"And that's.... The REST of the story."

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  1. *ding* Ahhhhh! Now I understand the hubbub.

    That's so cool how Peter took it! Thanks for sharing :)