January 09, 2006

Hostel Apostle

Ends up the ArmsOfMiddleEarth.com site was hacked into a few days ago. Most of the files were deleted, but luckily I had almost the entire site backed up. It's back now with a festive "Pirate" theme to the header to celebrate our first hacking. You aren't a big web site until someone hacks you!

In Other News: Last month, when Melissa and I watched a commercial for a horror movie called "Hostel", she said "Wow, I have absolutely no interest in seeing that." I said "That would be a cool movie to go and see with Justin!"

So I went out and caught HOSTEL in the theater with Justin yesterday. A creepy movie done very right. A good amount of gore, but most of it was implied rather than outright. A lot of tension built up as the audience sees where the film is headed slightly before the unlucky protagonists... and of course, gratuitous nudity and sex scenes. In fact, it's kind of like "Euro Trip" as done by Quentin Tarantino. The violence is compared to "SAW" a lot, but Hostel doesn't use as any cheap "gritty" video editing to instill the sense of fear, that comes from the subject matter. An Honest, creepy horror movie that could be real. No supernatural killers who you think are dead 25 times, but a chilling possibility that a place like this actually exists in today's world.

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