January 13, 2006

"Damn you, Peter S. Beagle!"

"Damn You, Peter S. Beagle!! It's all your fault. "

One friend started this silly phrase, and another put it in the voice of Gob the Magician from Arrested Development. And it's suddenly caught on in the chats. So here's my little Gift to my LiveJournal friends:

Thing is, I actually LIKE Peter S. Beagle's work, notably "The Last Unicorn". (Even though the soundtrack by AMERICA gives me the urge to put a gun in my mouth. So sorry, Mr. Beagle, should we ever meet, it was just a bit of fun.


  1. Well, you made me laugh. But then, I think Gob is pretty damn funny.

    COuld you tell me more about where this phrase was being used, and in what context? Also, is there an actual audio file of someone doing this in Gob's voice/style?

    -- Connor Cochran
    Business Manager for Peter S. Beagle

  2. LOL No way this has caught on! Joe and I started doing this because it was fun to say the full name Peter S. Beagle as if he were our nemesis. Like he was constantly coming up with scemes and such to foil our various activities. Hell, we were just saying it because the idea of Peter S. Beagle being a nefarious villain just makes me laugh.

  3. I don't even KNOW "Arrested Development," and I think it's funny. I think I'm honored...

    Peter S. Beagle