January 05, 2006

2005 Holiday Wrap-Up

We took a break from everything this Christmas. Even Blogging. My new toy DID add to the factors keeping me from going out.

Melissa got me the "X-Rocker", an on-the floor rocking gaming seat with built in speakers and subwoofer. *Grunt Grunt OOOh aaah Ahhhh!* Niiiiiice. Blaring the rock and crash noises in "Burnout Revenge" really raises the pulse rate, and hearing the zombies BEHIND ME in "Resident Evil 4" makes it all the creepier. Me Likey long time.

Since Melissa and I are in the church choir, Christmas eve meant Midnight Mass. We got there at 9, had a half-hour music concert, then service until after midnight. We went to get Matthew from the nursery, and every kid in there was passed out from exhaustion and the late hour...except him. He sang "Jingle Bells" all the way back home. We tucked him in bed at 12:45, and I headed downstairs. This was the first year I had "Some Assembly Required" duty, and it won't be the last, I'm sure. Ron and I had the Train table together by 2 AM.

Christmas was a flurry of paper and gifts, but it was amazing to see Matthew's face light up. He is now fully into the holiday. And what DID people do before the introduction of the AMAZON.COM WishList??? I got ALL stuff I wanted this year, and my Parents and In-Laws shopped off Amazon.com exclusively. I had a bad turn of events for Mel's gifts though. One was a Pre-Order iPod accessory that was due in December and STILL hasn't been released yet, and the other was a Costume that didn't quite fit, and I had to send it back to Japan. So Melissa wins this year for best gift, by no fault of my own.

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