December 05, 2005

Lost Cat

A bit of bad news, one of our cats, Mayer (of "Oscar and Mayer"... ba-dum-dum) escaped during our Potter party on November 18th. Bad weather kept us from mass searches during the first crucial days, but then we were able to put up posters and really dig around.

Unfortunately, there was nothing. We checked twice at the Humane Society when they said they'd taken in a Tortie, but no dice. The only spark of hope was that th food we set out by the front door was being eaten each night. We'd almost given up hope when on Wednesday, a neighbor knoced at the door and said he's seen Mayer around the neighborhood. He and his boys tried to lure it out with a can of tuna, but it took off, but she was most likely staying underneath the shed of a neighbor two doors down.

Then, Success! On my nightly rounds of the neighborhood, I saw two glowing eyes shining back in the broken-down playground, and it was her! She ran off before I could catch her, but I was positive it was Mayer. The next day we got a trap from the Humane society, and we tried it in the playground. No luck. After that, we just left it in front of the house, where the food was always disappearing.

We caught a gray tabby. It was at least 4 years old, and too friendly to be a stray, so I set it free after keeping it warm in the garage overnight. A few nights later, the storm door was open, and Oscar scared off a black-and-white cat with no collar that was about to enter the trap. Then tonight, we catch a wild orange tabby. Jesus! How many cats have been swiping this food?!?!?!

Very frustrating. She's been gone for almost a month. I still go out every night and look for her, but no one has seen her since that first night. It might be a question of if she WANTS to come back. Oscar is a mess without her. He's reverted to his uber-needy over-talkative former self, which was what we got Mayer to fix.

Wish us happy hunting. And hope that she doesn't end up in the trailer behind our yard with the Meth Lab.

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  1. Good luck with this, Chris. I was afraid to hope after that first few days, but it sounds like there MIGHT possibly be a happy ending in this for you guys.