December 12, 2005

A Holiday IM Conversation

Foe/Joe: got your card and [Arrested Development] season 1 today, thanks!
SiriusGraphics: Cool. I'm glad it got out quickly. We sent it Saturday
Foe/Joe: wow, with xmas mail going in & out thats great
SiriusGraphics: Yeah. I just hope my other packages have that kind of speed. I need to get my family's gifts to L.A. and a pkg to friends in the UK. Mel and I spend about as much on Postage as we do for gifts for each other.
SiriusGraphics: It's like The USPS is a member of the family.
Foe/Joe: my goodness, tell me about it
SiriusGraphics: Between Christmas ans Ebay, USPS is like another Dependant. Just off in college, so we never really SEE it, and it just takes our money.

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