October 06, 2005

A Pilgrimage to Micca

We just got back from a family trip to DisneyWorld this past weekend. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm...GLAD... that Melissa and I went often to DisneyWorld before we had Matthew. Because now that we can't see everything in the parks, we're not so down-hearted about it. We know it's mostly about the kid's experience now, and we can prioritize the most important things for us to do.

While he's down for his always-too-short nap in the park, Mel and I trade off babysitting the sleeper and the other goes solo for a while. In Epcot, I got to ride Mission:Space TWICE and Test Track once during his 1.5 hr nap (single-rider lines are great). Melissa didn't end up taking advantage of her free time in the Magic Kingdom, though, and we got trapped in a store on Main Street. Sleeping kid in the stroller, and a Marching Band at every door threatening to wake him up and thus make him a temper-ball for the rest of the day.

A couple of amazing things we discovered about Matthew:

1. He is OBSESSED with water.

We took him in the pool for the first time ever. He pretty much jumped right in. Even when he fell in, he righted himself and climbed in more carefully the next time. And every park we went to, the WATER was the star attraction. We were walking through the countries of the world in Epcot, and all he said was "Look! WATER! Wanna see Water!" The next day, we had a character meet with Stitch, Buzz LightYear and The Incredibles (all his favorites) ALL TOGETHER. What did he want to look at? The bubbly water tube behind the characters. This is what we get from having a child born under a water sign.

2. Matthew has the Smart-Ass Gene

This should come as no surprise, since his parents are both dominant carriers, but I didn't expect it to EXPRESS to early. We were walking to the bus stop, Matthew happily bounding ahead, and Mel says "Matthew, slow down! Mommy and Daddy can't go that fast." So the little guy-- Still 3 1/2, mind you -- starts walking in slow motion and saying "sllllooooooowwwwwww".

3. Matthew Loves Roller Coasters (YES!)

Haunted Mansion? No, he was too scared. But Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? Hellyeah!

"Wanna ride CHOO-CHOO!!" he shouted, pointing to the spiny mountaintops of BTMR.
"Um, Kiddo, that's not an ordinary choo-choo. It's very fast and scary for a kid," I told him. He shook his head.
"No, Wanna RIDE it!"
Sure enough, 40" was the height requirement, and he just cleared it. He held tight on a few of the high-G turns, but he rode it like a champ and talked about it all day long.

4. He (and WE) Need a Day Off Between Parks

Especially if you're doing a 7AM wake-up, in the parks all day, see the fireworks and wait for a bus until 10 PM kind of day. Otherwise, meltdowns abound, like any other kid his age.

Pics to come soon.

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