September 13, 2005

Ten Commandments Sale

Remember last year, when a picture of the 10 Commandments were forcably removed from the Barrow County, GA courthouse after a big legal batle? Well the framed commandments in question are being sold on ebay to recoup court fees. Current bid: $3000.

Personally, I like the 10 commandments, but they have no place in a court of law. Some people say it belongs there because it is considered to be the basis of the laws of man. A few points on that:

(1) Only three of them are actually laws (perjury, stealing and killing) and the rest have to do with religion (no other god, keeping the sabbath holy--which is broken every week in courthouses).
(2) I think it's safe to say the laws have come a LONG WAY since then. We don't cut children in half during divorce custody hearings, we don't stone people for saying the lord's name in vain ("All I said was that the meal was good enough for Jehovah!").
(3) Yes, it might be an artifact of the basis of law, but it's no longer relevant in our modern law system. Would we tolerate a British crown and scepter in the White House because our country was created in response to kings? Hardly. If you're christian, and in the law profession, you're free to admire history and be influenced by the universal simplicity of the 10 commandments and think back to a time when everything you needed to know about law could be put on fifteen TEN lines. Today there are whole libraries on the laws governing pet ownership. I actually had to testify as a Character Witness for two dogs many years ago. You tell me what Wise Old Solomon would think of that.

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  1. In that particular case, I'm hoping that he would have found cause to saw both of those dogs in half. Maybe that's just me.