September 09, 2005

Reporters Speak Out

I haven't posted about Hurricane Katrina because I don't have anything new to say. You don't need my opinion, it's the same as everyone else in the world, I'm not special in that regard. It's probably the worst natural tragedy in our nation's history. Never before has a large metropolitan area been evacuated outright, and never before has mismanagement had such dire consequences.

I can hardly bring myself to watch the news, reading about it is hard enough, but we have to keep looking at this, as Americans we can't look away. And in this age of corporate ownership of news media, I've often wondered if any real reporting could ever happen that wasn't along the controlling corporation's party lines. has a highlight reel of reporters like Anderson Cooper laying it on the line, speaking from their heart and tearing any excuse-making politician a new one. It's a 21 MB video, just click on the option to the right, to view a short commercial first, and then you'll be allowed to watch it.

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