September 08, 2005

The Interview

I posted for that permanent position last week. Today, my semi-boss Suzanne called me for teh interview. Well, it wasn't really an interview. We had talked over all the facts, this was just a bit of procedure. Such as "Are you still interested in this position? Since we talked last week?" I absolutely was. I am ready to get on with my career and out of this body shop.

As an added bonus, this new job comes with a "bump up" in pay scale. I don't know what that will amount to yet, because this company has a tendency to pay higher initial salaries and more slim percentages as you go on. But a raise is a raise, and this one even comes with a promotion! I'm back to being a Business Analyst, after three years of programming exclusively, and I'm all for it.

Suzanne said the paperwork will probably take a couple weeks to process, and she'd tell me once it's finalized. Oh, and they found someone to fill the lead position in Jacksonville that I turned down, and they're a much better fit that I would have been. No hard feelings at all.

I called Melissa once the call was over. "This is great," I told her, "No more working contract to contract. Finally, I have some real stability in my life."

"Stability?" Mel replied "Oh, yeah, like Matthew and I are just...fleeting, I guess?" We both laughed. "Yeah, you could come home one day and we'd just be gone. Poof!"

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