September 14, 2005

Destiny's Arrival

The paperwork is complete and I accepted the official job offer. I have a real, permanent, non-contract position now. Just one set of co-workers, one client to work with, one set of skills to learn and use.

I've been looking for this for almost two years now, and I had hoped I wouldn't have to leave the company to do it. I wanted to keep my years of service intact, and with it the nice extra holidays it afforded me. I prayed for it all along the way, especially hard when the contract work was difficult.

Last Fall, I was on a project that required me to be in Little Rock or New Jersey for a total of six weeks out of the three months. That hit me pretty hard, since Fall is the time that Melissa, Matthew and I enjoy spending time together the most.

After this dreadful assignment, I was flying to California to have the first Christmas together with my parents and brother in six years. The client I was working for fought tooth and nail for me to delay my flight out to LA until Christmas Eve, to be on-call for the whole week, and even bring my laptop with me to work, if needed. Through the proper channels and filters, I told them exactly where they could go stick that request.

I was looking out the window and wondering how long it might take to find that new job. While I was pondering this, we passed over the Rockies and I thought about time scale to the mountains. A few years was nothing, in the grand scheme. And the more I thought about the mountains, the more I realized that patience and persistence were required, in addition to effort, for both mountains and men to become what they are.

As I came to this bit of wisdom, it crystallized into words:
"The mountaintops did not achieve their great heights by lifting themselves up from the earth alone. They also had to remain steadfast and endure while other ground around them washed away."
Now I'm not saying that God spoke to me directly, or that Buddha's finger touched me with enlightenment. But once I had this in words, I knew what was required of me. I had to be patient and my path would be shown to me.

A few months ago, a friend that I worked with until 2001 recommended me for a contract position in her department. Today, I accepted the offer to work with them permanently. Indeed, my path was shown to me, and my prayers had been answered.

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