August 29, 2005

South Farthing

Just a plug for my new T-shirt that I designed for Arms of Middle Earth, called "South Farthing". It's a mid-year replacement for our top-selling t-shirt "Lord of the Rings Triathalon", which was flagged by CafePress (our distributor) as a copyright infringement. I just don't get that. 100% created by me in photoshop, but because I use the title of the movie, it gets pulled. Freedom of speech allows fair use of parody, but apparently only after a lengthy legal battle. (You might recall the recent triumph on this issue regarding the parody novel "The Wind Done Gone"). Anyway, that's my 2 cents on the issue. I might re-issue it later with a different title, like "The LotR Triathalon" or something like that.


  1. You might have better luck selling them next to the STAR WARRIO stuff at Gnoll's favorite flea market. I just don't get it, either.

  2. If you re-issue it, you should try spelling Triathlon correctly. Sorry, once an English teacher, always one.

  3. What about "Middle Earth Triathlon?" Its still derivative from the original work, but a lot less flagrantly so. Not like you'd actually ever get sued for either one.