August 04, 2005

LinkNews Digest [08/04/2005]

Zombie FlashMob Takes over San Francisco

Over the weekend, SF had a truly "contagious" flash-mob of Zombies, out for brains, made up and everything, shambling down the streets to "Convert" willing bystanders.
The zombie mob started at California and Grant. The mob being a bunch of brainless zombies roamed in circles for at least half an hour. I was able to avoid being bitten by taunting them with my camera. The zombies then proceeded to stream down Grant Street. They were unable to get through the tough metal of oncoming traffic but they weren't giving up. They blocked traffic. They caused mayhem. They caused tourists to scream. But fear not, they didn't eat the tourists! No BRRRAAIIINNNNSSS there!
The mob made it to market street where they were able to capture more of the local zombies. During all of this, a live hip hop video about zombies was being made. They used the zombies as a backdrop while they rapped about eating brains.

By god at this point, we had a ROT of zombies. That's what you call a gathering of shamblers that eat brains. A rot. (Story and Photos)

Asteroids Watch @ Fossil

You can't play on it, but this new watch from Fossil runs an LCD demo screen on the face. Pretty cool, no?(LINK)

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