August 18, 2005

I've Got No Strings

I've been working in a basement at my in-laws for a while. I like the shorter commute but hate working in a windowless basement like a Morlock, so I appealed to my Manager to request a Wireless Router so I could work upstairs occasionally. APPROVED! I set up my Wireless-G router and my tidy little Linksys Laptop card and I'm typing from the UPSTAIRS kitchen table! Woohoo! This is PROGRESS, mein fruendes.

Then, last night I unveiled part two of my nefarious plan: a SECOND wireless router that I bought for home! Now, Melissa and I can BOTH be on the computer when we have to work! No more Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who gets the computer at night. Now I can work on my Anime Music Videos while Melissa reads her Harry Potter fan fiction stories in the living room. (Not every night mind you, we just have weeks where both of us have projects.)

So I could be posting this from ANYWHERE in the house! But, as I promised Samwise Allen, NEVER in the bathroom. Scout's honor.

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