July 19, 2005

Stan Lee's Secret Decoder Rings

Now Stan the Man has not often led us astray, but I have my reservations about this one. His new venture is called "Power Patrol," and appears to be some sort of Wireless (RFID?) technology embedded in a plastic ring.

From the Promotional Materials:
Utilizing Boucard’s Footnote technology, POW! and Infinite Machines will soon introduce POWER PATROL, a new line of digital jewelry and wearables capable of storing and actually transferring digital super powers attained in a secret online game to a set of Power Patrol Rings that can be worn by fans wishing to emulate Super Heroes or Super Villains.

The electronic Rings can transfer data back and forth from ring to ring, thus unlocking new powers, games, points and missions for the player or players."I predict that by next year his Power Patrol Rings will have become as ubiquitous as your TV's remote control. And that's just the beginning" [says Stan Lee]

John Boucard's incredible Rings interact with the POWER PATROL website (http://www.power-patrol.com) and can only be secretly accessed by those possessing the Rings or recruited by a member of POWER PATROL. Additionally, ring-wearers playing the game can wirelessly receive and activate secret missions from Stan Lee himself, missions that only the best and brightest can solve. These missions could be digitally embedded in everything from trading cards, internet websites, movie theaters, posters, fast food outlets, or even in a DVD.
Maybe it's not fair to pan it this early, but the whole idea smacks of the Captain Power toys that "Interacted" with your TV when you watched the show.

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