July 18, 2005

The Potter Party

For those Muggles (non-magic folk) who didn't know, the 6th Harry Potter book was released at the stroke of midnight on Friday. Melissa and I were there... helping host the event. Melissa dressed up as a Slytherin student, and David & Gayle even came to visit and help out.

The AJC sent a photographer and got the crew in these pics: [ Mel | Rog ]

Gayle (aka "ROG"), true to character, came dressed as Voldemort. Of course, the publisher forbade us from using ACTUAL character names, so we dubbed her "She-Who-Must-(for legal reasons)-Not-Be-Named" Most kids weren't scared of her, much to her dismay. While helping her out at one of the craft stations that we were posted at, I had to keep kids from messing with her, with mixed results:

Chris: Hey! No putting stickers on the Dark Lord's head!! You know what happened to the last kid who tried that?
Kid: No, What?
Chris: He's still crawling around the sewers with just two legs!
Kid: So what? I only have two legs NOW.
Chris: She turned him into a frog AND took away two of his legs!! And not even a matched pair! Now THAT'S evil!!
This was a fun project for us, and we did the service in exchange for a copy of the book. I was there as support and photographer, but I ended up helping enough to merit my own book at the end of the night.

More pics when I scan them. (Yes, I used the old-school Muggle Analog camera.) Also check out this "Overheard"

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