July 11, 2005

Chris' Night Out

My British friend Phil had his birthday party this weekend. With the kid at home, and too much babysitting alredy being done for us, we couldn't all go. So the wife and I made a deal: I could go solo to the party on Saturday (where there would be much alcohol), if my wife could go out with her mom & the girls to the new IKEA store (the first one in Atlanta).

Phil and Anya are a rare breed among my circle of friends: The adults that don't have kids, and enjoy not having to grow up themselves. So Phil's place is always decorated with Godzilla toys and rock posters, a wooden Tiki Bar and countless books and DVDs on shelving units. Visiting there is like a trip into my own past, where I didn't need to put my own toys away or cover all the electrical outlets. I love my kid and all that comes with him, but it's nice to get out every now and again.

The one drawback about Phil's "collectivity" is that he's notoriously hard to buy a gift for, since he has the disposable income to buy any small thing that he wants. Luckily, I was able to find an interesting book from his Amazon.com wishlist. But I also gave him one of those personal made-it-for-you things: I had redesigned his web site and had it up and running. There was a brief power struggle with the former webmistress, but Phil offered her a no-pay position on his next film project and all was forgiven.

FYI: Phil has a re-issue of a very cool book called "Wet Work" coming out in a few months, and it's an excellent read. If only George Romero had been this creative with Land of the Dead, it might not have sucked as much as people say it does. (I don't know personally, Phil gave me an earful and strictly forbade me from seeing it under pain of death.)

Par for the course, there's always an interesting mix of people at Phil's parties. Everyone from the manager of a trendy bar (looking like a young Elvis Costello with heavily tattooed arms), to a NASA enthusiast who lectures for JPL were in attendance. Equally as good was the food & drink, notably a 50% rum coctail called a "Mojito". Two of those bad boys and I had to drink water for 2 hours before I was sober enough to drive.

I don't mean to tarnish his carefully-kept image, but Phil turns into an old softie when he's had a few. As evidnece, I've still got some stubble-burns on my cheek from where he gave me a drunken man-snog.

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  1. You poor uncivilized bastards out there in the boondocks. Never even had a Mojito before.