June 17, 2005

LinkNews Digest [06/17/2005]

Only In The South: DUI on a Lawnmower

JUNE 10--Meet Jerry Hawkins. The 43-year-old Virginia man is facing a drunk driving rap after blowing a whopping .32 on a police Breathalyzer test. While that's nothing special, as noted in the below Culpeper Police Department report, Hawkins was pulled over as he tooled down Main Street astride a red riding mower. Hawkins, who reeked of booze, explained to cops that he was headed to the 7-Eleven for gasoline. (LINK via TheSmokingGun)

Love Shacks for German Ballers

German MPs want to erect love shacks for the 2006 World Cup so prostitutes can service football fans in private.

Tens of thousands of prostitutes are expected to converge on World Cup venues and politicians fear many will offer their services in the open. The portable cabins, inspired by the success of the drive-in-brothel projects in cities such as Cologne, will be set up in areas where the football matches will take place.

German paper Bild quotes experts who predict an influx of over 40,000 foreign prostitutes into the country over the next year. "If hundreds of foreign women join the 380 prostitutes already on Dortmund's strips near the stadium we'll be bursting at the seams. We have to prepare now, or it will turn into Sodom and Gomorrah."

Soon To Be A USA Network Movie-Of-The-Week

An alleged armed robber has just had the beating of a lifetime, at the hands of nearly 30 women inside a Shreveport beauty school.

Mitchell says the man walked in pointing a gun and telling the women to clean out their purses and hand him the cash. That's until, she tripped him. Afterwards she says, “I beat him with a stick." They all beat him with sticks, table legs and curling irons.

Officer Eric Swartout describes what happened, “Basically, they're hitting him with everything that wasn't nailed down, he was getting hit with."

Mitchell says, “They was grabbing everything they could, but I said, ‘Get back! I got him!’ I wore him out with that stick." Shreveport police spokeswoman Kacee Hargrave says, “The suspect was trying to get out of the business and, as he was trying to get out, they kept pulling him back in and beating him."

Police arrived and hauled the man out to a cruiser where he bled onto the trunk while being handcuffed.(LINK)

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