June 13, 2005

Black Monday

Ever feel like the air is heavy with foreboding? You feel worried about something, but you're not sure what. You just have the feelings associated with worrying. The atmosphere is suddenly electric, like aftermath of a lightning strike. Something is going to happen. Soon. Maybe to you, maybe to someone you know, but it's definitely not going to be good. Fate's hot breath on your neck. When the feeling comes again, you try to find the reason, but it's gone, like a dream upon waking. Or maybe it was never in your head to begin with. All you know is that something is going to happen.

The first time I felt this, two of Melissa's closest friends teamed up to betray her. It came again right before the "aforementioned Friend/Princess of MeMeMe" incident. And it's come back now.

The feeling is like the Death card in a Tarot card deck; not indicative of literal death, but more of sudden change.


  1. No drama. No drama!! Nothing bad *crosses fingers* Nothing bad..I've already had fate stab me in the back this week thanks.
    Remember no drama...and tell Mel to stop worrying about everything and everyone.

  2. ummmm Chris - you're kinda freaking me out - to borrow Jacob's phrase.