June 06, 2005

The Addiction

They sold a t-shirt at Animazement that read "Anime: Crack is cheaper." And they're right. If it weren't for places like NetFlix, at ~$30 per 4-episode DVD, We'd be in the poorhouse. But there are still costs. Anime should be classified as a "gateway" drug, because it leads to other addictions

First, you'll want to attend a Convention to meet up with other Anime lovers, and maybe pick up that Full Metal Alchemist Phone Strap or Plush "Chi" doll. While fun, and seeminly harmless at first, this is habit forming. Also, at your first Anime Con, you will realize that there are hundreds of different Anime series out there, and you have only seen three or four.

Next, attending Cons gives you a taste for dressing up as characters, or "CosPlay". Two years into serious Anime Addiction, you'll spend to months searching on Ebay for JUST the right belt buckle to go with your Yuna Costume.

For the more camera-shy geeks, like myself, there is another dangerous addiction: Anime Music Videos (AMV's). Rip your favorite Anime DVD's to the computer, throw the footage into Windows Movie Maker with a kick-ass song, and 137 hours of editing later, you have a 3-minute splicing job, which shares your love of a particular series, AND your awesome musical tastes, with the masses.

Gayle introduced me to this last year, but I didn't have the computer power to pull it off myself. After watching the AMV Contest last weekend, I decided that there was no use resisting it. Especially close to my heart was one called Little Tortilla Boy. After that, I was hooked like a trout. This week, I dropped $100 to buy another stick of RAM and a new video card, after I crashed MovieMaker ten times in a row.

Matthew goes to bed at 9:30, let's say 10:00. Mel and I watch 2 espisodes of Anime a night, usually, so that's 10:45. Mel checks her boards for an hour or so, so let's say I have the computer at 11:45. If I stay up until 1:00 each night, from now until DragonCon in September, I might just have something together to show people. Wish me luck, and forgive me in advance for not calling or writing.

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    I love it. You managed to avoid the comics, the baseball cards, and all of the other stuff that suckered a bunch of us in the younger years. You were just waiting until your potential for addiction had ripened, I guess. Let's just hope that the love of anime doesn't cross over to live-action remakes of anime classics, like Fist of the North Star.