May 25, 2005

Life in Mono

I am a music geek. You know this about me. At work, I listen to my CD's all day long with my headphones. It's quiet as a morgue in this office, partially because practically everyone listens to their headphones all day. I can't stand absolute silence when I'm working, it drives me nuts.

So today, my headphones crapped out on me, and only one speaker is working. Ach! Mono! To paraphrase Harry Potter: "'Tis a half-life, a cursed life."

Okay, maybe I'm not exactly writhing in agony here, but it's annoying, and it's stealing my Chi.

1 comment:

  1. To paraphrase: Musician, heal thyself! Just break out into song. You've got a good voice, and I don't think anybody will mind. They all have their headphones on, anyway.