April 27, 2005


This has been a week of things I never expected.

(1) I never expected it to be considered a special occasion when I met my manager and co-workers for lunch. But when your co-workers all telecommute and your manager works out of Little Rock, that's just what happened.

(2) I never expected to be mowing my lawn in the end of April wearing a flannel shirt and jacket for warmth, but I did.

(3) I never expected to hear The Doors' "Roadhouse Blues" remixed by techno group The Crystal Method, but I did. Don't ask me how, but it kinda works.

(4) I never thought that Justin would be married and have three kids, but he will this Saturday. Okay, so the kids are part of the package deal. I still can't help but grin like an idiot about it. I've been praying that he find a great woman to settle down with and have some kids for years, but neither of us expected it all in one fell swoop. It's definitely a godsend.

1 comment:

  1. And, let me tell you, it's been one wild ride! Looking back, though, I'm glad that I never decided to settle. Thanks for always being there for me, and don't forget to bring shorts for Saturday. If it rains, we'll just set up the music in the basement.