April 27, 2005

Midnight Ideas

As I came to bed last night and kissed Melissa, we had a few sleepy lines of dialogue that I can't remember now. Then Melissa said something three words that I will never forget. I can't even remember the context, but I remember this.

She said: "Wasabi Ice Cream"

Think about that for a moment. How cool would it be to have Wasabi ice cream? Taste a spoonful of ice-cold dessert that burns its way down your throat. Reminded me of Terry Pratchett's description of Curry in the book 'Mort': "Have you ever bitten into a red-hot ice cube?"

Not just good for a prank ("Here, it's Pistachio, honest!"), I think it would be really a hit with spicy eaters.

I'll send an e-mail to the Ben & Jerry's people.

[LATER]: Okay, so Wasabi Ice Cream actually exists in Japan. Heck, they have "Sour Squid Candy." But perhaps not yet in America.

[EVEN LATER] I've found a recipe for Wasabi Ice Cream. Maybe we can bring this to the Church Picnic? Heh heh.


  1. Cassette Master Chris, I would be all OVER it if I could get my hands on wasabi ice cream!

  2. I've actually already experimented with this. At a friend's birthday dinner, my girlfriend ordered extra wasabi, which arrived in a large green scoop on a dessert plate. Then the person next to me ordered green tea ice cream, which arrived looking identical. The wheels began turning until the borthday boy from across the table expressed a desire to taste green tea ice cream. You know the rest.

  3. if you're lookin for spicy ice cream, there's a place near piedmont park (of course the name of which is eluding me now, but i remember a big ol cow--no not b & j's) that has mexican hot chocolate ice cream. nothing like some cool, refreshing chocolate ice cream which closes with a lil jalepeno ass-kicking. uhm yeah...i'll stick with peanut butter & chocolate...