April 29, 2005

LinkNews Digest [04/29/2005]

Exploding Toads Baffle Germans

BERLIN (AFP) - Hundreds of toads have met a bizarre and sinister end in Germany in recent days, it was reported: they exploded.

According to reports from animal welfare workers and veterinarians as many as a thousand of the amphibians have perished after their bodies swelled to bursting point and their entrails were propelled for up to a metre (three feet).

Explanations include an unknown virus, a fungus that has infected the water, or crows, which in an echo of the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds", attack the toads, literally scaring them to death. (LINK)

Police Uncover Bologna Smuggling Ring

CNN) -- Federal agents found and destroyed 845 pounds of bologna and 100 pounds of cheese someone smuggled into the United States from Mexico, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday.

The man had the illicit sandwich fixings hidden under clothes in 14 suitcases when he was caught April 4, said Sue Challis, spokeswoman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Challis said she did not know whether the man brought in bread as well. The items were destroyed, she said.

The smoked meat was in 80 large rolls that the man hoped to sell at a local swap meet, according to a press release from the CBP agency, which is part of the Homeland Security Department. (LINK)
In Homage to Dave Barry: "Illicit sandwich fixings" is a good name for a band.

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