April 06, 2005

The Birthday Dread

Today, I turn 31. Not a shift of demographic range, but still a milestone. This is the decade of major change in a man's life, and I am no exception.

Three years ago, I changed from being a Business Analyst to being a Programmer. I found myself "on the bench" without a billable project. I decided that the best thing for me, both for my career and my happiness, was to learn Visual Basic and become a Programmer, as I originally intended. I started out at the very bottom, taking CBT's (basically glorified PowerPoint presentations with quizzes at the end) and training classes for months on end to prepare. After three years, I've become quite a capable programmer, if my reviews are any indication, and I have been very happy doing it.

Today, there is change once more. The Visual Basic application that my work was built around is being phased out for a shiny new product that uses Web Services, XML and Style Sheets. Once more, I'm on the bench, with no project in sight, taking CBT's on a new programming language. I'm always up for learning something new, but taking notes for 7 hours a day is a fair strain for a geek like me, whose longest bit of hand-writing in the past year has been on a birthday card. I haven't taken notes this much since college and my handwriting has not improved since then.

With any luck, I'll find some entry-level assignment in order to put this cold training to some real use in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed on that.

This Date In History

  • 1830 - Mormon Church Established
  • 1896 - The Olypics restarted in Athens, Grece
  • 1895 - Oscar Wilde arrested for being a homosexual
  • 1917 - America enters WWII
  • 1931 - "Little Orphan Annie" radio serial debuts
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    1. Happy (Slightly late) Birthday Chris! Hope it was a good one.

      The Anonymous Maddy