March 17, 2005

I Want to Work for Pixar

THIS is my idea of a work paradise.
He led us through the section of the building where the animators actually work. Here’s where the Wonka factory comparison felt strongest. Instead of cubicles, each of the animators has a customized space. There was one guy who had this groovy corner office that was open on two sides, and he had no chair at all. He had the entire office set up so that he could work standing

A lot of the animators decided early on that they didn’t want cubicles, so instead, Pixar found these groovy little cottages that they bought for them. Walking through the animation department is like walking through a neighborhood for dwarves. Lots of little houses laid out along “streets,” each one with an address on the door.

The animators also have lounges set up so they can congregate and relax, including a jungle-themed lounge with piñatas hanging overhead.

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  1. Hey! Pixar was just here today and they did a presentation to all of us animation/sound/ ect students and they showed us those and much other stuff about their studio, and also made me feel like I can get a job with them some day... which makes me feel better because the college has been making me feel like I have no choice.

    The people are Pixar are insane!! The three guys doing the presentation were so crazy they were having light pointer wars...


    Them and Weta, Them and Weta....

    -Maddy ;)

    (Sorry Anonymous listing, forgot password, oops.)