March 08, 2005

FFX - Endgame

After giving up on it a while back, I gave Final Fantasy X another go. Mostly it was because I was stuck on the replacement game I bought. Well, just as I reported earlier, levelling up your characters in the end is a needlessly huge ordeal, both complex and frustratingly repetative. Even after I completed tasks that should have unlocked the big weapons, some glitch still prevented me from getting them.

But last night, I finished the game, mostly because I found a method of fast levelling. Of course, we're talking RELATIVELY fast, which means I only took 20 extra hours of mindless fetching and tweaking, rather than the 30 or so that it might have taken. The ending was satisfying. But after weeks of constant battles, I find that it's crept up into my conscious life. Kind of like this video .

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