March 21, 2005

Buckhead, Here I Come

I, along with the three other people in my department that couldn't telecommute full-time, moved into our new office in Buckhead, in the middle of Downown Atlanta. Surprisingly, the drive is only a few minutes longer than the old drive to Alpharetta. The others in my department aren't even on my floor, so there's no one around me that I know, have heard of, or will ever work with. I'm reminded of the book Snow Crash, where people end up living in Public Storage compartments hooked up with Internet connections.

The new cubicle is 1/3 smaller than the old one, with no lockable storage and one tiny, under-desk file cabinet, on wheels. Very European, but I have no place to put my personal effects or my legal-size files. I called the person listed as the contact for furniture, to request a legal-size file cabinet, and was greeted by her voicemail message, saying that she was on leave. Looking down the sheet, this woman was the only contact listed for seven other support areas. The receptionist that was supposed to greet us and help us get situated has still not arrived at her desk (at 12:30 PM), so I have no badge to unlock the doors.

The cubicle walls are only half-high, with the top section being plexiglass. I'm on the end of a row, and have two printers right behind me. This means absolutely zero privacy. I'll have to be careful blogging and harvesting my Magic Nose Goblins. Just to mess with people, I've put mt Tokyo DisneySea suction cup Mickey-eared submarine on the plexiglass right behind the printers, so no one can miss it.

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