March 30, 2005

The 80's Playlist

I got a surprise today. Some of you may remember my long stint working in New Jersey in December. Well, to break the monotony of working in our "War Room", I brought along a few cd's worth of 80's tunes on MP3. Since no one else brought music, thay asked me to let them listen as well. They liked the tunes, but one programmer named Pete was particularly interested, as I recall.

He said that some of the songs I picked were released a couple of years before or after the 80's, and he thought my list (about 400 songs) was incomplete. I explained that this was a list of songs that I personally remember well, and wasn't meant to be some authoritative best-of compilation. Some were pretty obscure, (Julie Brown's "The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun") and others were not hits, but were on the soundtrack of a movie I remeber (Sisters of Mercy's "Cry Little Sister" from 'The Lost Boys').

Our time in Jersey was over and I went on to other projects. I didn't think another thing about it until this afternoon, when Pete e-mailed me out of the blue with this:
Well I looked at your list and I noticed that you were missing some important songs (my opinion only). I did some research and ended up with a huge list (about 1200 songs). I filtered out most of the songs and I came up with a shorter list. It’s still very long, though. I have all of these songs (ripped from my CD’s) so I may not have been able to get some other songs not on CD.

A few of these are very old, like “Twist And Shout”, but is on this list because it hit the charts in the 1980’s, normally due to some 80’s movie, like Ferris Bueller or Risky Business, for example. Some of these were released in 1979 but bled over to the Jan, 1980. Others were released in 1989, but didn’t hit the charts until 1990.

I’m still trying to figure out how these songs made your list:

Boston – More Than A Feeling, Elvis Costello – Pump It Up, Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street, Styx – Lady, and Van Halen – You Really Got Me

Anyway, take a look at these and let me know if you agree or disagree on any of them. I can send you the entire list if you want, but it’s a much longer list. Also, let me know if want copies of any of these songs. I ripped them all to mp3 but I can also make them into m4a files as well.
He attached a list of 341 songs. Now I haven't spoken to this man since December. Someone's apparently been busy on this for a while. I see two possible motivations for his taking up his project: (1) He hadn't yet compiled a buttload of 80's tunes, and decided it was necessary, or (2) He was so dissatisfied with my list that he wanted to compile a superior one to show me what the REAL 80's songs were. Judging from my experience with him, a fairly typical type-a programmer type, I am leaning towards option 2.

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