February 14, 2005

A V-Day to Remember

Ahhh... The day of love is here. Or at least the day of commercial guilt-tripping. Just diamond companies saying "Can you put a price on your love? We sure think so. Ladies, your man doesn't REALLY love you unless he devotes two months salary (per year) to buy you something sparkly that south african peasants pulled from the ground."

The holiday is built around deception. Why act like we're a character out of a Jane Austen novel one day a year, when we mainly ask each other "does this thing have a head on it"? Melissa and I are realists with a sick sense of humor, and we love it. So we have a different approach to all of this V-Day madness: We find the cheesiest, sappiest, most commercial of the Valentine's Day cards and merchandise, and spoil them with our personalizations. For example, the first Valentine's day we were together (1 month after we hooked up in Savannah), I made a nice card for her that read:
Yes, love was in the air that fateful night in Savannah...
...along with carbon monoxide, smoke from the paper mill, and that mysterious smell wafting up from the waterfront."
In keeping with this realism, I offer this: What could be more heart-felt than a Worth1000 Valentine's Day Photohop Contest?

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  1. Hmm . . . yeah, I tried the crass commercialism excuse to get out of a V-day present too, but the girlfriend didn't buy it.