February 24, 2005

Ron vs "Dave"

I have some updates about my father-in-law's age discrimination lawsuit. To catch people up, Last year, Ron was fired from "L" Company for the unforgivable crime of nearing retirement age in a corporation. As a result, each and every client that Ron worked with now refuses to do business with "L" Company. Apparently, this is hurting the company pretty bad, because after ignoring him for a year, they came to him with an offer:

"If you meet with your former clients and assure them that you and the company have worked things out, we might be more inclined to make a deal," they said. Ron considered this, then replied. "Fine, but if they ask me any questions, I won't lie to them."

Needless to say, they didn't agree to that. Another great lead was uncovered last month: The manager who let him go actually did his Management Thesis on the topic of "Reducing Costs by Downsizing Retirement-Age Employees." (Yeah, him and the other 50,000 people who got MBA's that year...) We're currently trying to get our hands on that thesis, as it would prove an interesting read.

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