February 25, 2005

LinkNews Digest [02/25/2005]

Polar to the People

BELFAST (Reuters) - In a bizarre celebration of Belfast's industrial heritage, a Northern Ireland artist is planning to tow an iceberg to the city that built the Titanic.

Rita Duffy, who says the iceberg would represent a dramatic piece of "performance art" as it slowly melted in Belfast Lough, is working on a feasibility study with a local filmmaker before seeking funding for the project she hopes will happen in 2008.

Duffy says she is keeping the finale of her project a secret, but believes the iceberg could be a symbol of hope in a city scarred by decades of sectarian division. "It comes from the story of the Titanic ... some people might see it in bad taste and I suppose some might find it amusing, but I actually see it as a deeply serious project," she added.
For her next project, she reportedly plans to "sculpt" the clouds over Hiroshima, Japan in the shape of a mushroom. You know, to heal the past and stuff.

Russia (who else?) Develops "Stay-Drunk Pill"

Russian scientists have developed a product that can keep a person drunk, Britain’s Daily Telegraph wrote.

The tablet called RU-21 Red was developed in Spirit Sciences, a laboratory based in California but with research facilities in Russia. The same scientists had earlier worked on secret programs for the Kremlin and had made the famous RU-21 product that cures hangovers.

The Red contains grapevine extracts intended to slow down the oxidation of alcohol and keep the user drunk. “I’m not sure I’m going to market it in the U.S.A. I don’t want it to become a party drug. We are for responsible drinking,” Chiabery said.

The Q-Man to Direct CSI Finale

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Call it "Kill Gil." Quentin Tarantino has signed to direct the season-finale episode of primetime's most-watched series, CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Tarantino also has come up with an original story for the episode, which is expected to shoot in early April and air May 19, according to "CSI" executive producer Carol Mendelsohn.

Tarantino has long been a fan of the stylish forensic drama as series creator/executive producer Anthony Zuiker learned when he bumped into Tarantino at an awards show during "CSI's" first season. They have pursued him to direct an episode for some time, and after members of the "CSI" crew ran into Tarantino a few weeks ago while the show was doing some location shooting in Las Vegas, the stars finally aligned for him to helm the show's fifth-season closer, Mendelsohn said.
Sample Dialogue: "Hmm... large caliber handgun, maybe a .38... And from all the bullet holes in this wall, you'd think he'd hit once, especially at that range. It's like the hand of God came down and stopped the bullets!"

The Onion Reports: Bush Determined To Find Warehouse Where Ark Of Covenant Is Stored

WASHINGTON, DC—In a surprise press conference Monday, President Bush said he will not rest until the warehouse where the Ark of the Covenant, the vessel holding the original Ten Commandments, is located. "Nazis stole the Ark in 1936, but it was recovered by a single patriot, who braved gunfire, rolling boulders, and venomous snakes," Bush said, addressing the White House press corps. "Sadly, due to bureaucratic rigmarole, this powerful, historic relic was misplaced in a warehouse. Mark my words: We will find that warehouse." Bush added that, after they are strengthened by the power of the Ark, U.S. forces will seek out and destroy the sinister Temple of Doom.

When geeks talk about "pimping their ride", it usually means putting spinner hubcaps on their 1994 Buick LeSabre. Or worse, they might do this! Adds new meaning to the phrase "Rollin' with my homies."

Some Engineering Students at UCSC created this 4-story mural to Super Mario Bros. using colored Post-It notes.Link

For the Scorned Woman or Voodoo Priestess who likes to keep a tidy kitchen, here's a real conversation piece: The Knife Block by ViceVersa.
Link (via Gizmodo)

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