January 31, 2005

Winter Wonderland

Last week was one for the books. After getting back from a weekend at Chattacon, Melissa took Matthew and Miho to Savannah for three days. So it was a quiet, lonely bachelor pad for a couple of nights.

"Boys Night Out" on Monday consisted of meeting up with Justin after work, eating at Moe's and catching "Elektra" at the theater. (Justin's Review) No beers were harmed in the course of the evening. Tuesday, I was home sick from work. The only thing I had energy to do was type up my weekend trip report, and only then when the stimulants from the Tylenol Sinus were in full effect. (This is why my writing may have seemed a bit off, and the HTML was a bit dodgy.)

I was better Wednesday, and went in to work, only to find that the client wanted me in New Jersey the next day at 8:00 AM (which means leaving tonight).

"Hi, Mel?"
"Heya honey. What's up?"
"Um, What time are you going to be back in town tonight?"
"Let's see, probably around 4:00. Why?"
"Good. Then I might actually see you before *I* have to leave."

I packed my bags for two nights in lovely Marlton, NJ. They arrived, brought in their suitcases, and I took mine back out. We had time to have dinner at Moe's before she dropped me at the MARTA station to the airport. It's the QUALITY time like this that I treasure.

12 degrees in Philly when we landed. Snow was on the ground, but it was safely plowed from the roads by this point. I wasn't taking chances with my rental car, though, I got it fully insured. It's been a while since I've driven in real winter conditions, and the client owes me that much at least.

I was there with Kevin, walking through a spreadsheet of incidents with 8 project managers, who debated over whose responsibility each one was. The meeting lasted from 8:30 AM until 8:00 PM, and I was able to contribute to about 45 minutes of it. Luckily, even the client manager saw that I was being under-utilized, and gave me leave to work my real issues in the downtime.

I arrived home on Friday night in time for a 6:30 dinner reservation at Dante's Down-the-Hatch. It's one of those restaurants that everyone in the city knows about, but people outside the perimeter never get around to going there. Well, we met Anya & Phil there, and I'm very glad that we did. What more can you ask from a restaurant than great food, eating inside a sailing ship and a 3-piece jazz band? Oh, did I mention the live gators? Phil's been working on the screenplay for a horror flick called "WitchBitch." Apparently, the producer loved it so much, he commissioned Phil for two more, making it a proper trilogy. Frankly, I can't WAIT to read it and see it on a screen.

We camped out at Mel's Parents house that night, and stayed out the ice storm the next day. It was nearly as bad as the MOVIE "The Ice Storm" that Melissa made me watch because it had Elijah Wood in it. Whose bright idea was it to green-light that piece of crap? Winter isn't depressing enough as it is, so let's add marital infidelity, kids having sex with a rubber Nixon mask on, and a freak accident that results in a minute-long shot of a dead body sliding down an icy road. Wow, Sounds like a winner to me!

But I digress... We spent the day watching anime in the original Japanese with English subtitles, for Miho's sake.

Today, it's cold as hell in this wing. We're leaving already next month, why do they have to cut our heat? Most men don't remember that they HAVE nipples until days like this.

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