January 12, 2005

Management Anecdotes

Stupid Business Quote of the Day:

Members of the team are committed to the success of their assigned projects. Take the story of the chicken & the pig and a little project called breakfast. When it comes to making bacon & eggs for breakfast, the chicken is involved -- the pig is committed!

Let's dissect this assinine anecdote, shall we? Essentially, what they're saying is that it's not enough to give up your children, whom you and your rooster looked forward to raising into the next generation of flightless fowl. It goes without saying that management (personified by the implied farmer) is entitled to your unborn children, simply from the fact that it provides the chicken-feed. But even that is not enough for this blood-thirsty farmer. They also want a pound of your flesh. You have to be devoted to the farmer, satisfying his constant hunger with self-mutilation and ultimately your life. What a wonderfully motivating story!

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