January 05, 2005

Christmas Wrap-Up

I disassemble the tree two nights ago, and took down everything but the outdoor lights. Christmas ornaments, I found are the exact opposite of socks in a dryer: When you go to put them away, there always seem to be a few more of them since you started.

It's always a bit sad to take down the tree, though. James Lileks (lileks.com) put it well:

"I finished taking down the Christmas decorations. It?s a bittersweet and necessary thing; it feels like you?re taking down the bunting from a victory party for a candidate who lost. That?s the odd thing about Christmas; it always wins and immediately concedes."
Matthew keeps asking "Christ-Lights Off?" and we keep trying to explain that it's actually over, and he has to wait until next year for Santa to come again. Ever hopeful, however, he insists that all decorative lights on buildings are "Christ-Lights" and points them all out to us.

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