December 03, 2004

Christmas "Light"

I've just been informed that I'm going to have an abbreviated December this year. I knew that my job would require me to be in New Jersey working from Friday, December 10th through Wednesday the 15th, but now they're extending that to Tuesday the 21st.

Working 11 days straight. In Marleton, New Jersey. Living out of a Hampton Inn, in December. Merry F-ing Christmas!

No, I've got to think positively. I'll think of it as "December Light - with 36% less days!" Ho Ho!

The only bright spot is that my managers have done a lot to push back on this
assinine request from the client and at least secure our week with my family in LA. The client wanted me to push my flight back, maybe even to the 24th(!), and bring my laptop with me so I can work on the trip as well. Oh yes, and also be on-call through the 31st. (Vacation? What vacation?)

The phrase "Is nothing sacred" came immediately to mind. (Many other, more colorful phrases did as well, but nothing I can print here.)

I explained the situation to my Boss' Boss: My parents live in Hawaii. My brother Lives in L.A. and I, along with the wife and kid, were flying to L.A. to be together for Christmas for the first time in six years. Airline tickets and hotel were all paid for. I have no idea how I'd connect there, and even if I did, it would be working through a glacially slow dial-up VPN connection, so how productive could I possibly be?

Thankfully, they understood and backed me up. I'll still have to be on-site for the additional week, but at least my trip to L.A. will remain a vacation. So while this season will be difficult, at least I still have the week that matters to spend with my family.

So I've effectively got seven days left to prepare for Christmas. If you are reading this, please forgive a sudden lack of posting. If you're a friend or relative of mine, sorry, but you're probably going to get a lame gift this year. (See "Chia Shrek" in the sidebar.)

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  1. I was hoping for a Chia pet this year - thank God we are granola-heads and think Shrek was the funnies thing since Dead Again. OH yea - and yell if you need us to help with any last minute stuff here - Stace