October 20, 2004

Chris vs. Marlton, New Jersey

After a too-short weekend, I was off again. This time, it was New Jersey. Kevin always ended up getting upgraded to First class, since he travels so much, but this time, I got the seat. The distance seemed to go under us faster in the dark. I had covered some ground in a book as well by the time we landed around midnight in Philadelphia.

A short drive later, we pulled up at a Hampton Inn in the town of Voorhees, New Jersey. (There’s no Camp Crystal lake, though, I already checked.) I had seen enough of it in movies, but I’ve never been serenaded by the banging headboard and the residents in the next room before.

Most of the women here speak with that lovely New Jersey accent that reminds me of my ex-girlfriend Karen. Think of the standard NJ twang and say “I’m Kaaaaaren. Kaaaren Harris-e-aaaadess.” Makes me shudder to remember.

I can take the cold here, no problem. I grew up in the north, so it’s not a big issue. I kind of miss having real winters, living in Georgia. What I can’t deal with is the continuous overcast sky. I haven’t seen the sun in three days. We come to work at 8 in this dull, gray light that continues until it gets dark. There is no sense of the passage of time, so the day seems to go on forever.

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