October 10, 2004

Chris vs. Little Rock Pts. 2+3

The news came on Tuesday afternoon: We were already behind schedule with a bunch of technical issues kept us all from working. We would have to be in Little Rock again the following week. This in addition to the week after that, where we'd travel to lovely eastern New Jersey for another fun-filled week of hotel living. So three weeks in a row, with only the weekends to see the loved ones.

It was a bit easier for the others, I thought. Tina had a new husband, so new that her married name just got switched in the e-mail directory a few weeks back. Gina has a boyfriend, I found out this week, but all Kevin has is his dogs, and Mike is newly-divorced and loving the single life. No, that was petty, saying that I was hit hardest. Who cares who it affects the most? We were all in this together.

No one wanted to do it, but none of us could argue with the necessity of coming back again. The initial shock of the news wore off in about ten minutes, and I dealt with it better than I thought I would. I've been really stressed out lately, and a good deal of it was related to these trips, so I figured that I would flip out. I guess I knew, after so many problems came up one after another that day. Anyway, I dealt with it, and Melissa did as well. She's taking her mother and Matthew down to Florida to visit a friend...and of course to see another friend named Mickey.

The week passed uneventfully as it did before. The only memorable moments were Kevin's stories about his time serving as a Marine in Africa. You could tell people about your favorite way to organize your sock drawer, and people would be riveted if it started with the line "When I was stationed on the border of Kenya..."

My favorite story of his was when he and some Marine buddies took two weeks of leave and went on a driving safari. A week in, they came across a pair of Masai warriors that were herding their cattle across the plains. They usually subsist on the cows' milk and blood, so a few snacks from the marines were welcome. Kevin traded a t-shirt and a bar of soap for one man's bow and arrow and some bead jewelry.

"So where are you going?" Kevin asked.
The man pointed to a far-off hill and said "We're going over there."
"Why, what's over there?" He asked.
"We don't know," the man said plainly, "That is why we are going there."

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  1. That's the best reason for going anywhere. If only there were more such places. It seems like the unknown gets tragically smaller every day. At least our president is doing his part to fight that.