September 03, 2004

You Want REAL Retro?

You think you're a retro-gamer, with your Namco Museum PlayStation disc? Hah! And that gaming-system-in-an-atari-Joystick? Don't make me laugh! When I was young, we had two games: Pong and Tennis. Try a REAL classic game.

It's funny how muscle memory can last two decades: When I sat down to play Night Driver, I wrecked a few times and then got past my anxiety and began cruising, headlights off, down a road lined with sticks. Warlords took the floating dot of Pong and Breakout to a new level: each player, tucked into a corner of the TV screen, protects his or her own bricked fortress while deflecting the bouncing blip at the other three opponents.

Other games that offered a welcome homecoming were the blackjack table in Casino; Video Olympics (a.k.a. Pong a.k.a. digital racquetball), which still lets you put a little "English" on it; Circus Atari, a physically challenging game involving a teeter-totter and flying Atari men; and of course, the mindless Breakout and Super Breakout.

1 comment:

  1. Wait - surely this does not mean you have traded in your mistress the PS2 for an OLDER mistress??? Does your wife know?

    Maybe I should try that - I'm not older - I'm the retro version..hmmmm...