September 17, 2004

Storm Front

Last year, when my division split off from ALLTEL and became Fidelity Information Services, we kept our place in the ALLTEL building. Since then, we've moved most of our numbers to a Buckhead office of another company that we've bought up. The scant few of us still in Alpharetta are being re-consolidated to a single wing off the 2nd floor.

We were supposed to move yesterday, but my cube doesn't have a desk in it yet. My managers are working on it, but it's okay by me. I'll be in Little Rock next week, and with only four people in this section, no one is around to complain when I crank my MP3 80's CD today. It's a great feeling to be at work and hearing Thomas Dolby's "Hyperactive" blaring from my computer:

"At the tender age of three
I was hooked to a machine
Just to keep my mouth from spouting junk
Must have took me for a fool
When they chucked me out of school
'Cause the teacher knew I had the funk"
Hurricane Ivan hit us last night, when Justin was paying us a visit. A lot of debris, some huge wind gusts and two power outages, but we're all right. When the first power outage hit, Melissa and Justin went up to Publix to get some storm supplies. This consisted of batteries, candles, a lighter and a case of Flying Dog beer.

Justin is now Matthew's godfather. I think it's only fitting. He was the first guy to meet Matthew in the hospital, except for our pastor, and he's the man that's consistently been there for us. He's also the only friend that I have that Melissa is friends with directly (i.e. not in just because he's MY friend). Even though he's a single man with no parenting experience, he's proven himself to be kind and trustworthy time and again. It just feels right, and this brings the legacy of The Aforementioned Friend to a proper close.

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  1. Chris, I hope that you know how honored I feel that you asked me to be godfather to Matthew. I didn't mention anything about it, but I wanted to let you know that it shook me to the core and pleased me at the same time. While I pray that I never am called on to take the responsibility that comes with the name, I'm touched that you think me up to the task.

    Tattaglia's a pimp. He never could've out-fought Santino. But I didn't know until this day that it was Barzini all along.

    "We kissed your ring and called you daddy. A real daddy would have held up a liquor store."
    -Kelly Bundy