August 12, 2004

The Tao of Corporate Layoffs

In light of the recent news that my department will be having layoffs "before the end of the year" (Read: "Merry Christmas!"), I did some hard thinking on the issue. This idea has been coming to me slowly, since layoffs are not all that uncommon to any I.T. shop. I think I've finally found the zen of it all.

Corporate layoffs are like terrorism. It happens from time to time, and you simply can't stop them from happening. If you let the threat of the event control your life, so that you live in fear of it, they have alredy won. The odds are against it happening to you personally, so it's not productive to act as if you're sure it will be you. Just go about your business, but be vigilant and mindful of the risks. On the off chance that it does happen to you, you can deal with it then, but don't live every day as if it will happen tomorrow, because that wastes the time you have.

It feels better to have this handle on it.

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