August 06, 2004

My Brother, the Redcoat

I just have to share something amazing. My brother, Rob, was an extra in "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. He played one of the scores of British soldiers with no lines, but luckily, he is noticeable on-screen in some of the tighter shots of the movie. When the Redcoats ambush Mel Gibson and crew, and the soldiers pop up from the bush, my brother is the blond one on the left who turns his head before firing (Which was how they were all supposed to do it). He's also just behind Mel & Jason Issacs as they trade threats inside the fort. I'd post screenshots if my PC could do it. Anyway, it's really great to see him in the film.

But that's not all. Due to said film role, My brother now has His Own IMDB Page! How cool is that?

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  1. Dude, seriously, certainly you could think of something more interesting to tell cyber-world about your darling brother than this? The torrid affair with candace Bergen? Overcoming the loss of my elbow? The freedom fighting in Tibet?