August 28, 2004

My Brother, the Redcoat (redux)

Just heard from the brother, and at his request, I replaced his backstage pic with some on-set shots in my sidebar PhotoBlog. He mentioned that he's also in the deleted scene "The Butcher" in the tent with Gen. Cornwallis.

Rob has started a blog for himself at Like me, he has no shortage of interesting musings. Here's a sample:

Godzilla's special friends

Just saw some cheesy Japanese Godzilla-type monster movie, and I was thinking. Yes, thinking. What do all the good-guy monsters or robots have in common? That they all seem to spend inordinate amounts of time alone with some little boy. They are always friends with no one but the one cute little Japanese boy. Does this disturb anyone else? When will the Japanese government stop trading the innocence of their children for the alliance of monsters and robots? Its time for this to stop.

Why don't you all go drop in and welcome him to the Blogosphere. (Yes, all six of you.)

1 comment:

  1. Your brother is one funny mofo! I'm glad to see that he's not mellowed too much over the years.